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David KingContainerHomeReview.com was set up and run by myself, David King.  This site is a long way from my day job, which is in IT. 

I’ve been looking into various ideas for building an inexpensive home for quite some time, and this idea of shipping containers has really caught my attention.  Although I’ve not taken the leap yet, and don’t such a build myself, I’ve thoroughly researched the subject for some time now.


Why are you doing this?

In the UK (and I’m sure it’s true for many other parts of the world), decent housing is getting further and further out of reach for the average person.  In spite of the financial collapse in 2008, there hasn’t really been a crash in the UK market – it still seems to be held up artificially high by the government.  Until the person on an average salary can afford to buy an average house (i.e. a medium sized family home), I’m going to keep looking at ways to better achieve this without going the traditional route.

I’m hoping that this blog can become a useful resource for people who are looking at building their own shipping container home, and

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