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  1. We are looking for Homeowner’s Insurance Company that will write a Container Home. We have got approval from non preferred market but looking for something better.
    I would think that an Insurance Company would be happy to write a Steel Frame Structure bolted to thick Concrete Pad which is relatively indestructible by Wind, Collapse, Tree Falling or Fire. We have related that it meets all the building code requirements and is structurally engineered.
    Do you have any suggestions or know of Insurance Companies that write this ? Thanks

  2. I’m wanting to have someone build me a small shipping container or other alternative home, 500-1000sqft. However, I’m having a very difficult time finding someone in Charleston, Savannah or nearby areas that can give me info … also info about a small piece of land to put the home, knowing the restrictions that come with an alternative residence. If you have any ideas, please send me a note or call. Many thanks,

  3. To your manager/purchasing department:
    Dear Manager

    Hope you are getting well everyday.
    This is Leo from Changshu Yahgee Modular Building Co., Ltd.
    We are Chinese biggest modular building company and we now have four main products:
    1. Flat pack house
    2. Container house
    3. Light gauge steel structure buildings
    4. Marine container/storage container and other ISO & Special container products

    After many years of continuous effort throught the world, we have done many projects successfully, and we hope to be your partner in the future.
    If you have any interest in us,please do not hesitate to contact us.

    More details please check our website:

  4. To whom it may concerns,
    I am Hoang – a dynamic architect in Vietnam with 12 years of experience. At the moment, I am living in Beecroft, Sydney and working for an architecture company in Bella Vista – Sydney for nearly one year. My major roles are drafting residential plans for DA and CDC, training my colleagues in Revit, and used to be the leader of the Revit Architect development program.

    Another note worthy thing is that I once worked as a design consultant and advisor of investment at the Constructions Limited Liability Company in the Ministry of Defence Vietnam. Also, I have won numerous prizes in design competitions in Vietnam which included a prized awarded by Australian Embassy in Vietnam.

    I hope to work with you in drafting residential plans for DA and CDC as a freelancer. My strengths are cheap prices and speed in producing work. I can use different applications for work such as Revit Architecture 2016, CAD, ArchiCAD, 3Dmax, Photoshop, Luminion 3D…

    However, my listening and speaking skills are not good as I learned French in Vietnam before coming here. At the moment, I make contact via emails, hope that it will not cause you any inconvenience. Would you mind contacting me via emails?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss about work and refer to attached Portfolio for my wide selection of projects and prizes.

    add: 65B Malton Rd, Beecroft, NSW
    Mobil: 0424008082
    Abn: 97 744 631 538
    Email : [email protected]

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  6. Good day.

    Our company sell new and used containers, we now have 20GP and 40HC used containers available in Toronto and Edmonton for sale, do you need any?

    We also have containers on the way to Edmonotn and Calgary, are you interested?

  7. There is a nitch in the Ghanaian market for middle class people on housing. A nicely designed container apartments in a community setting will be much desired with good returns. Am looking forward to an investor who will bring interested in investing in this area.

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