Maximizing living space – novel approaches

living comfortably in a small space

It’s possible to create a great container home out of even a single container.  Don’t get me wrong – most people create a spacious building out of 4 or 5 cargo containers.  Others opt for a much more cosy living space.  So what’s it like to live in a space that size?

Well it seems to be something that people can easily adapt to if they do it in the right way.  Some of the solutions below are designed for micro apartments, but could be adapted to work just as well within a container home.   Not all of them come at a low price, but the extra space and convenience they allow they are likely to be worth the cost.

As always, if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

LifeEdited Apartment

This space even manages to accommodate guest rooms.  Excellent use of space (although a little bigger than a single container so it might adapt well to a dual-container home).


Minimalist space

This next space hides everything away from sight – even the kitchen.

Hong Kong Micro Apartment

This architect has converted a tiny space to incorporate 24 different living spaces.  A completely unique approach to compact living.

More to come as we find them!  If you know of any providers of such furniture or design, please get in touch and we can help others find an easier way to live in a small space.








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