In The Media – Amazing Examples Built With Cargo Containers


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Copyright Bamboogroove

If you’re looking for inspiration, and to see just what can be done with a humble container, have a look through some of the following videos.  

As their popularity has increased, some spectacular examples have made their way onto various tv shows from all around the world.  Strong, affordable and versatile, there’s not much that can compare to these building blocks at these prices.

15 Iconic Designs

Some are based on a single container (like at  1m 28), while others are built around half a dozen (or more! See 3m 24s).

Completed projects

This next video shows the full process as carried out by a gentleman in Utah.  The video starts at the 8 minute+ mark, so you can easily see how appealing these buildings can be.

UK based project

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces is a tv show entirely based around using small buildings at the maximum potential.  Series 1 Episode 6 covered the story of a man who had bought a container to use as a garden building.  A clip can be seen at the following link:

Or the full episode can be viewed here:

Expanding an existing property

Maybe you are looking to expand your existing home?

Look at this idea for how to create an underground room.  (Please note: shipping containers are not designed to support pressure pusing the sides inwards for any length of time.  This video shows a person surrounding theirs with concrete, which should support itself when set.  Burying a shipping container in the earth without outer supports will lead to the side bowing inwards, and could be dangerous).


2 thoughts on “In The Media – Amazing Examples Built With Cargo Containers”

  1. Wrapping the buildings with another material transforms the look and reduces the noise. Without doing this it’s like being inside a drum during a rainstorm.

    1. That’s true, and it’s not something I’d considered when I first thought about this kind of project. You’ve got to have the right information before you make a start on this or your budget could skyrocket.

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