Shipping Container House Plans

Since I began this site last year there have been a lot of people asking for example plans so that they can visualise, or even begin the build of their own project. So here they are…

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So here’s the first shipping container home plan – a simple layout made from 2 containers.

The kitchen and living room are combined to create a spacious entertaining/dining area, and the bedroom is obviously aimed at a person living alone.  This could be an ideal first home for someone looking to get their foot on the property ladder.  It could also make a great addition to an existing home for an elderly relative.  There are 3 windows on the main living space ensuring an influx of sunlight.


  • 1 bedroom
  • Shower room
  • Ideal for young single person or elderly relation.

Plan 2

This is a better use of space for the bedroom – again just using two containers.  The compromise this time is on the entrance hallway, which is still functional and allows the sleeping area to be wider.  The window layout ensures that this too is a well lit living space.

  • Again, this would make an ideal annexe for a relative who wants to maintain some independence.
  • The L shape of the layout would allow for a secluded decking or patio area to be installed with increased privacy.


better use of space

  •  1 bedroom
  • 1 shower room
  • open plan kitchen and dining area.

Plan 3

This is the first of our plans to use 3 containers,  which allows a second bedroom.  Both bedrooms directly access the family bathroom, and with bunk beds in the childrens’ room, there could be enough space for a family of four.

  • This could make an ideal starter home for a small family.
  • As with all container homes, you always have the option to extend later on as you see fit.

plan 3


We hope that these plans help you with your own build, and if you do complete your own we would love to see photos of the results.

If you have any designs that you would like to share, or if you have any new ideas for a home plan then please contact us and let us know.  Would you like to see the use of more than 3 intermodal containers?  Or perhaps you want a home which isn’t on a single floor.  Either way get in touch!

There’s more plans coming in the near future, so please keep checking the site for updates.

One thought on “Shipping Container House Plans”

  1. Hey David,
    I work in the container industry in NZ. We sell. lease modify. Since I have been involved (only 4 months) I have been wanting to get our local council to look at a container accommodation park. Our city is short on accommodation and I know we can modify them simply enough. Do you have any pictures etc I could use as a template to show them. I foresee us having, for example , 10- 20 containers (Doubled high) these would be 20′ and then have a 40′ ablution block and another as toilets and laundry (split in half). Anything that could help or maybe a website that is operating as such would be gratefully received.

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